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The Bounce™ offers a brand new weight block designed for optimum length and maximum recovery. It features the brand new Hour Glass Weight Block along with a brand new cover you can expect some BIG results from this small package. The unique shape features a very tall and flippy hourglass design; with a higher RG value of 2.55 and a strong differential of 0.057 you’ll easily see why this ball will fit into the “Long and Strong” category of ball motion. Wrapped in this brand new cover this addition to the BIG Family gives easy length, late friction, and a defining “Bounce” on the backend.

Bounce™ Tech Data

Bounce™ Shelf Talker

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Gold Pearl, Black Pearl

Cover Stock

CL6 Reactive Pearl™


Hour Glass™ Core


1500 Polished

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  1. John Robles

    The Bounce is the newest addition to my bag. I wasn’t sure how this was going to complement my Big Shim and Rekker but found out really quick. This has become my go to ball when the lanes start getting burnt up or when the lanes seem like they forgot to oil them for the last couple weeks. We have all had this problem and the Bounce works very nicely for me in these situations. seems to hold its power way down lane then releases it into the pocket. This will also be my short pattern ball until the lanes get some carry down. I have not seen a short pattern since getting this ball, but I have confidence it will roll great for me.

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